Club apology over bricks plan delays

Corby Steel Park opening ceremony: '25/07/11
Corby Steel Park opening ceremony: '25/07/11

Corby Town Football Club has apologised to fans for the delay in building a wall of commemorative bricks at its new ground.

Corby Town launched the Bricks in the Wall scheme in the summer of 2010, allowing fans to purchase a brick with an engraved message to be incorporated into the new main stand at Steel Park.

Entering the second half of the 2011-12 season, the bricks have not yet been installed, but club officials say they are “doing all they can” to get the matter resolved as soon as possible, and anticipate ordering the bricks this week.

The club says it is down to a host of issues, including the company which was going to supply the bricks going bust, and a sponsor who was going to fund the cost having to withdraw their backing.

Acting chairman David Mallinger said: “We are very conscious that supporters feel they have been kept in the dark over this matter. That hasn’t been for any other reason than we are very frustrated ourselves by the process and haven’t in the past wanted to issue updates that didn’t say anything positive.

“We are very sorry for the ongoing delay and fully respect supporters’ frustrations.

“Shortly before Christmas we contacted a number of alternative suppliers to get a ball park figure for the manufacturing costs and shortlisted the potential supplier.

“We went back to those chosen to get a detailed quote and confirmation of timescales, which is where we find ourselves now.” Any supporters wanting a refund can email