Business owner calls for greater optimism

THE MANAGING director of a county recruitment firm says the recent news about the UK being back in back in recession is painting an unduly pessimistic view of the economy.

Gavin Henson, the managing director of The Agency Northampton, which is based at the KG Business Centre in the town, said: “The latest GDP figures are disappointing.

“But there is also some frustration as we feel these figures paint an unduly pessimistic picture.”

The Agency Northampton works with companies to support clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Mr Henson, who has taken on new staff in the last few months, said: “While it is still tough out there, of the many businesses I speak to each week there is a lot of positivity and a will to work harder than ever. We are delighted to welcome Paula Greatrex to our team, which is a sign the economy is improving. Her arrival is a key part of our work to get more and more people across Northamptonshire a job.”

Paula said: “The jobs are out there. We know that businesses want to take people on but because the economic environment is challenging, quite rightly employers want the right people, in the right jobs at the right time.”

The company has been leading business calls over recent months for the Government to step in and do more to support industry.

“There has been a lot of hard work done and there is a lot more to do,” says Mr Henson. “We need to see a reallocation of priorities within Plan A from the Government that will bolster growth.

“That means reducing regulation, encouraging exports and improving infrastructure.

“While the Government must persevere with plans to reduce the deficit despite these figures, it must introduce more measures to empower business to drive recovery.”

He welcomed some moves delivered in the Budget in the spring such as the cut in corporation tax, but added that issues such as fuel duty will need addressing if business is to experience real support that makes a difference on the ground.