Buses blocked by careless parking

The bus unable to go forwards or backwards in Windemere Road, Kettering, yesterday
The bus unable to go forwards or backwards in Windemere Road, Kettering, yesterday

Bus passengers were left waiting an hour when another episode of thoughtless parking blocked a road through a residential estate.

This time a driver who was guilty of leaving her black Peugeot car too close to another vehicle on the opposite side of Windermere Road in Kettering yesterday morning.

The result was a gap in the road too small for the Stagecoach number 17 bus to squeeze through.

Unable to reverse, the bus driver was left stuck and forced to call police who arrived and contacted the car owner by phone.

While the authorities waited another number 17 bus arrived and residents came out of their houses to watch the drama unfold.

An hour after the first bus became stuck two women appeared and got into the car before driving off – but not before a ticking-off from police.

Stagecoach assistant operation manager Marcin Leszczyk said his fleet of buses was getting stuck on the road by poor parking once a week.

He said: “The parking is not only causing an inconvenience to us but the many passengers depending on us to get to their destination.

“I’d ask those parking to use their common sense to avoid this happening.”

George Russell, 76, of Windermere Road, said: “It’s frankly very frustrating.

“We see the same cars parked along here every day, the motorists just don’t think. I think they are going to the hospital, but want to avoid paying in the car parks.”

Following residents’ pressure the county and borough council are implementing a residents’ parking scheme in the surrounding roads from April.