Bus stuck as heavy rains causing flooding in Corby road

A bus is stuck in flooding in Gainsborough Road, Corby
A bus is stuck in flooding in Gainsborough Road, Corby

A bus became stuck in Gainsborough Road, Corby, after heavy rainfall on Thursday (May 22) caused flooding.

The section of the road near its junction with Blake Road flooded after the cloudburst.

Just over a week ago the county and borough councils launched an action plan to end the misery of flooding in the road.

Both authorities are working together to find a solution to the problem and potentially get funding for the work to be done.

As part of the county council’s role as the lead local flood authority, an investigation was carried out into the causes of flooding, identifying which organisations were best placed to resolve the issues.

A study by Corby Council also looked at some long-term options including providing extra culvert capacity or storage in the open area along Brangwyn Walk, improvements to the open watercourse and the provision of flood storage in the proposed western expansion area development.

The borough council is now inspecting the grilles protecting the watercourse from debris on Monday and Friday mornings, and at other times when there is heavy rainfall.

There are four grilles under different private ownerships and the council is making arrangements to ensure regular inspections are carried out on behalf of the owners. Residents are also being asked to report when debris accumulates.