Bus shelters in a bad way

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The bus shelters at Skinners Hill, Rushden, are in a disgraceful state so the revamp carried out was a waste of time and money and it is a very unpleasant area to wait for buses when it’s wet or windy.

Bus stop signage needs to be updated as there is not any mention of where to wait for service X47 to Northampton (or X46/X47 to Thrapston).

The Kettering bus provision is still shown as a Mercury service, but replaced with services 49 & 50 – there’s no indication either of where to wait for the Crown Park buses, so anyone new to the area could easily be confused.

It appears Route 19 buses are often used on Route 49 or 50 (and there’s also appearances of X4 buses in the area to add to the confusion) – some X46s or X47s do have single deckers on the journeys so do be aware of this as it is not necessarily a double decker route.

Dan Henderson

Bedford Road,