Burton Latimer school is improving, but more work to be done

St Mary's  :Burton Latimer:  St Mary's C of E Academy'Saturday 25th  January 2014 ENGNNL00120140125162425
St Mary's :Burton Latimer: St Mary's C of E Academy'Saturday 25th January 2014 ENGNNL00120140125162425

Ofsted says a Burton Latimer school has made improvements - but there is much more to be done.

St Mary’s Primary Academy in High Street was graded as ‘requires improvement’ by education inspectors for a second time, despite standards improving.

The school, which provides education for 316 pupils, was graded as ‘good’ for early years provision and personal development.

Principal Sarah Whitlock said: “On behalf of all staff and governors, we are pleased that our most recent report shows that we are an improving school and it has also given us very defined actions for us to speed up and become ‘good’ at our next inspection.

“I am particularly proud of our children - they are conscientious learners and their behaviour continues to be strong.

“This is supported by our embedded school values of kindness, friendship and forgiveness.

“It has been recognised that our coaching and support of staff is used well to improve effectiveness of teachers as this will directly improve outcomes for pupils.

“Alongside this supportive approach, I am pleased that Ofsted saw ‘plenty of evidence of good practice across the school.”

The report said leaders were enthusiastic and that pupils’ development was well-promoted.

But it added that checks on the quality of teaching were not rigourous enough.

The report said: “The senior leadership team is enthusiastic to make St Mary’s a great school.

“Its checks on the quality of teaching and learning, however, lack rigour.

“For example, when leaders conduct lesson observations or work scrutinies, they do not identify clearly the factors that are preventing pupils from making better progress.

“The curriculum promotes the pupils’ personal development well.

“Pupils are kind to one another and are sensitive to the needs of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

Mrs Whitlock added that she welcomed the feedback and the school is already working on the recommendations.

She added: “We welcome the comments and recommendations for further improvement and have already implemented a more tailored approach to feedback.

“The teaching and learning of writing has been modified to offer more opportunities for extended pieces and our revised home/school agreement has been drafted with updated reading expectations, so that we can work in close partnership with parents to ensure that the outcomes of our children continue to rise quickly.”