Burton Latimer residents frustrated by housing development dust

Residents of Diana Way, Burton Latimer, are complaining about the problems caused by dust blown from the new Glade Gardens development
Residents of Diana Way, Burton Latimer, are complaining about the problems caused by dust blown from the new Glade Gardens development
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Householders have told of their exasperation at the effects a housing development is having on their homes.

People in Diana Way in Burton Latimer, adjacent to the site where more than 100 new properties are being built, say their homes are being coated with dust from the project.

They have also complained about contractors working outside agreed hours and blocking their street with construction vehicles. Residents say their concerns about the effects of the work, which began in March 2013, have not been dealt with properly.

Dust from a pile of top soil is blown at their homes, with windows and walls being coated in thick layers as a result.

The neighbours say local authorities are powerless to force developers, such as Orbit Homes which is building the Glade Gardens site, to take measures to suppress dust blown into residential areas, and say there is no legal definition of what a dust “statutory nuisance” comprises.

One resident, Anna Turnbull, said: “What they are saying is there’s no statutory nuisance. But they can’t answer what is defined as a statutory nuisance, they said they just use their expertise. But there has to be a benchmark.

“We don’t have our doors open even in good weather. I am asthmatic and have started coughing this dust up. My three-year-old son has just been put on steroid inhalers. We’ve replaced no end of stuff.

“We have been banging our head against a brick wall for a long time. I am sick and tired of the whole thing. We are not asking for miracles. We knew the site was coming. We just want them to cover the top soil up and be considerate.”

Neighbour Phil Craig added: “The dust monitoring is a joke. You do get stressed with it, and you do get angry.”

Rob Harbour, Kettering Council’s head of development services, admitted there had been several complaints about a variety of issues concerning the Orbit construction site.

He said council staff had worked with Orbit to address residents’ concerns, that frequent monitoring visits had been made and that Orbit had put in place a number of council recommendations.

Mr Harbour added: “At present there is no evidence to support the existence of a statutory dust or noise nuisance, but officers from Environmental Health will continue to carry out monitoring visits.”

Andrew McDermott from Orbit Homes said they had worked closely with the council to ensure construction took place in a reasonable manner.

He added: “We have taken many steps to reduce the impact on the community and these steps were detailed in newsletter delivered to local residents in mid-August.”