Burton Latimer and Higham Ferrers slimmers at opposite end of age spectrum shed almost 10st

Two slimmers at the opposite end of the age spectrum have spoken of their joy after losing a combined total of almost 10st.

Jackson Langley (left) and Den Fenn.
Jackson Langley (left) and Den Fenn.

Jackson Langley, 21, from Burton Latimer, and 68-year-old Den Fenn from Higham Ferrers both shed weight after joining local weight loss consultants Cambridge Weight Plan.

Jackson did weigh 18st 13lb but lost six-and-a-half stone after he realised the impact his weight was having on his ability to work.

He said: “I don’t know why I gained weight or when it started, I suppose looking back it was a combination of over-eating, not being an active child and being addicted to my Playstation.

“It wasn’t until I started work after leaving school that I realised just how big an impact my 19st frame had on my ability to do a physical job.

“I was training to be a floorlayer for my dad’s business and after a number of months it was clear that the pressure of being on my knees all day just wasn’t an option.

“It was a combination of things that led me to Cambridge Weight Plan, life, job, hygiene, health, confidence, you name it I felt it.

“With the support of a great consultant and someone that believed in me and spurred me on the weight started to come off.”

Mr Fenn has been an ambulance driver for more than 20 years and has lost almost 3st.

After being motivated to lose weight he now goes to the gym every day at 6am and does a number of classes.

He said: “I have always had a very physically active life both through my work and through the activities I did in my time off, so I have spent the whole of my life eating just what I wanted, when I wanted it and never really worried about my weight.

“This all worked well for me until I reached 50.

“From there on I piled on the weight and got less agile. I ate more and I moved less.

“I thought to myself that I would give it (Cambridge Weight Plan) a go for a week and see what happened.

“As it worked out we did it for about 10 days before we had our first weigh in as we had to work around my shifts and things.

“I couldn’t believe the results. I had lost 13lb in the first week.”

Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Nicki Richardson said she was proud of both of them.

She said: “Jackson’s story is a remarkable one and it’s great to show that changing your life is possible.

“The health implications show that it’s so worth doing.

“Den is a remarkable man.

“He goes to the gym every day and I’m so proud of his determination.”