Burglars strike 26 times in two weeks in Wellingborough

There have been 26 burglaries in Wellingborough in a fortnight
There have been 26 burglaries in Wellingborough in a fortnight

People in Wellingborough are being urged to be vigilant after 26 burglaries in the town since the start of the month.

The high number of burglaries have taken place in the space of just a fortnight.

Detective Inspector Phil Mills, from CID, said: “We have had an unusually high number of burglaries in Wellingborough in the last two weeks and I want to take this opportunity to remind people to report any suspicious activity to us.

“Some of the burglaries have been at homes that have not been locked properly, giving easy access to criminals.

“Our advice is to follow some simple crime prevention tips to help protect your property as much as possible. For example, are your outdoor or security lights working properly? Do any hedges need cutting back or border fences need repairing? Are all outbuildings secured with good padlocks and ideally alarmed, and are tools and ladders stored away in them?

“We know the majority of thieves do not want to be challenged and want to be in and out of a property as quickly as possible with the biggest pay-off.

“Your security arrangements should be designed to slow them down and maximise the chances of them being caught.

“Inside the house, if you have timer switches use them and when you’re at home or when you go out, make sure you lock all external doors and close, and ideally lock, all windows when you’re not in the room.”

If you are concerned about suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, ring police on 101 – in an emergency always ring 999.

Police have offered some safety tips for the autumn and winter months following the spate of burglaries. These include:

- As nights get darker earlier, burglary tends to increase – leave lights on inside your house

- Leave a light on in more than one room, upstairs and downstairs – remember to choose low-energy lamps

- Use a timer switch to operate the lights as it starts to get dark – change the times that the lights come on, to create the illusion that someone is moving around inside the house. Plug-in dusk-to-dawn lights are also popular

- Make sure your door is well lit and fully visible from the street – dusk-to-dawn lamp adaptors are available from DIY stores

- Keep shrubbery and hedges at the front of the house pruned to below one metre – remove any cover for a burglar to work unseen and give your neighbours every chance to spot something suspicious

- Keep curtains closed at night – if you are away, ask a trusted neighbour to close them for you, and open them again in the morning

- Check existing lighting is in good working order and replace any faulty equipment – remember to check batteries in torches and smoke alarms

For more home security advice, visit www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention.