Burglar steals charity box from Wellingborough coffee shop

A still from the store's CCTV of the incident. QKGWpyq4CnaPK63jMT7V
A still from the store's CCTV of the incident. QKGWpyq4CnaPK63jMT7V

A burglar stole a charity box after breaking into a Wellingborough town centre coffee shop.

Bewiched’s Church Street branch was targeted overnight (April 10 into April 11), the second break-in there in the past two months.

The burglar caused damaged to the shop’s back doors before stealing an iPod, charity box and cans of drink.

Managing director Matt Fountain said: “It is so disappointing and frustrating to be targeted again.

“At the break-in two months ago we had staff tips and a cash float stolen along with some other items and the rear bi-fold doors were badly damaged.

“Last night’s break-in resulted in a charity box and some ancillary items being stolen and again massive damage to our rear bi-fold doors.

“The team in our Church Street store work their socks off to try and provide something better and sadly at the moment the business has been disrupted by these-law breaking incidents.

“To be honest when you watch both of these incidents on CCTV, you can just see these people have zero regard for others people’s property and actually have no moral boundaries whatsoever. Who steals a charity box?

“One of the few positives has been the police response times.

“On both occasions they missed these guys by seconds not minutes.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police confirmed they were investigating the incident and urged anyone who may have witnessed it to come forward.

Witnesses or anyone with more information is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.