Broughton head injury victim says thank you to Irthlingborough charity

Anthony Beirnes presents a cheque to Headway East Northants to say thank you for all the support he has received
Anthony Beirnes presents a cheque to Headway East Northants to say thank you for all the support he has received

A man who suffered a serious head injury after falling from a lorry has raised money for the charity which helped piece his life back together.

Anthony Beirnes fell 10ft from the back of a lorry in an accident at work back in February 2003.

He was taken to Northampton General Hospital before being transferred to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and later back to Kettering General Hospital.

Headway East Northants was recommended as somewhere to go for rehabilitation and Mr Beirnes says he owes much of his recovery since then to the support he received there.

He said: “Headway was recommended as a rehabilitation centre for me after Isebrook Hospital and then further day treatment to get myself back into reality.

“The first thing I remember when I came here was no-one can understand a head injury if they haven’t had one, but everyone here was like for like.

“I spent eight months here. I am a Christian but as well as my faith, I can’t thank Headway enough, I still well up when I talk about it.”

Anthony, of Broughton, said the relaxed atmosphere alongside structured programmes offered by Headway to aid recovery made all the difference for him.

He said: “Eight months here was better than 20 years at home for me.”

Despite Anthony’s frontal lobe injury, which left him in hospital for three-and-a-half weeks and having an operation to have a metal plate fitted, he is now back driving for a living and he is working full-time.

Memory loss is one of the consequences of this type of brain trauma, but Headway has helped Anthony put systems in place to help him remember even the simplest of things like brushing his teeth.

Organisation is another skill which can be affected.

Anthony said: “Headway means I have always got somewhere to come back to where I can speak to people. Every strategy I have to help me remember things comes from this place.

“If Headway wasn’t here, who knows where these people would go and what their recovery would be.”

Anthony attends the new Testament Church of God in Northampton and the church’s men’s department decided to raise money for charities suggested by members.

Anthony suggested Headway and a guess the weight of the cake competition raised £210 for the charity.

As well as Headway, Anthony says wife Charmaine has been his rock and support from the church has also played a key part in getting his life back on track.