Brick attack victim’s anger at Wellingborough thugs

Mike Curtis with the bricks he recovered after his bedroom window and van were damaged on Sunday
Mike Curtis with the bricks he recovered after his bedroom window and van were damaged on Sunday

A Wellingborough man had to write off his van after it was badly damaged by vandals.

Mike Curtis, from Kilnway in Wellingborough, was at home shortly before 10pm on Sunday when a brick was thrown through his bedroom window.

When the brick came through the window I was terrified.

Mike Curtis

He was narrowly missed by shards of smashed glass and saw two people, who he believes were teenagers or young men, running away from his property.

A van, which is used by his self-employed wife Ruth, was also badly damaged in the attack and was written off the following morning.

Mr Curtis, a freelance journalist who specialises in matters relating to children in care, said he is concerned that crime is growing on the Queensway estate and that he has also seen drugs being openly dealt, which he has reported to the police.

He added: “This is the first time we have been targeted by any incidents like this, although I have heard about other incidents of vandalism on the estate.

“We have had to write-off our van, which my wife uses for her baby equipment business, because it was not worth repairing and as a result of this and that has put the business on the line.

“We moved the van off the estate after the attack because I was genuinely afraid that it might be set on fire.

“When the brick came through the window, which is on the first floor, I was terrified. I was standing near it at the time and was narrowly missed by shards of broken glass.”

Mr Curtis said he contacted police immediately after the brick was thrown through his window and they arrived within about 20 minutes.

He added: “I am sure the police know about the problems on the estate.

“People living here have a right to protect their homes and their property and we should put pressure on people to tell the police who it is committing crimes like this.”

Mr Curtis said there have been no more attacks on his property since Sunday evening and he is hoping someone will respond to the police appeal about the incident.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police confirmed that officers had been called to Mr Curtis’s property at about 9.43pm on Sunday evening.

He added: “A rear window of the house had been smashed and a van had also been damaged.

“Anyone who has any information about this incident should phone Northamptonshire Police on 101.”

People can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.