Breast implants continue to cause problems

A WOMAN who had breast implants in 2001 is still suffering the effects more than a decade later.

Sonia Cooksley, 47, of Owen Close, Wellingborough, paid £3,500 to have the implants fitted after breastfeeding her children left her flat-chested.

The mother-of-five had them removed in 2007, but tiny hairline fractures meant they had been leaking silicone into her body for years.

Miss Cooksley said: “I had breast implants put in privately in 2001.

“Through the years I was always tired, lethargic and had a bad back but I thought nothing of it.

“Then one morning I woke up and the whole of my face was swollen – it looked like I’d been beaten up.

“It took the doctors and specialists three months to find out what was wrong with me.

In the end I said: ‘What about the implants?’

“They sent me for a mammogram and it showed I had ruptured breast implants.

“I had to have MRI and CT scans and they showed that the silicone had leaked into my lymph nodes under my left implant, my right lung and my chest cavity.

“I became so ill that I could hardly breathe so I decided to have them removed. Within a week I felt 50 per cent better; my breathing and swelling had got a lot better.

“For the last few years I’ve had a lot of operations – I’m covered in scars but I still have about 30 per cent of the problems.

“I’ve had two lots of lymph nodes removed and they went into my lungs because I have lesions on them.

“I lose my voice quite often due to fluid in my throat – I’ve had two or three operations to drain the fluid.

“I went to hospital again on Thursday with chest pains and they said the problems are still related to the implants I had – the doctor said I still have pieces of silicone floating around in my body.”

Concerns have been raised about silicone implants made in France by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), mainly used for private cosmetic enhancement.

Miss Cooksley said: “I’d had five children and breast-fed them all so I had small, empty breasts.

“I had the implants to fill them back up but I didn’t go extra large or anything.

“You don’t get told all of this when you have implants put in.

“People should be made more aware of the risks.

“I’d never do anything like this ever again.”