Breast cancer survivor from Raunds tells her story in ‘Storm in a D Cup’

Debbie Paton
Debbie Paton

A breast cancer survivor has turned the blog she started during treatment into a book so she can share her story with more people.

Storm in a D Cup! is a blow-by-blow account of Debbie Paton’s journey through breast cancer.

Debbie's new book

Debbie's new book

It is a candid account of the year between her diagnosis in April 2016 and her full recovery.

Following a routine mammogram in March 2016, Debbie was called back for a further mammogram, ultrasound and four biopsies.

She knew something was ‘drastically wrong’ and her worst fears were confirmed on April 1 that year.

Her right breast would need to be removed followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a course of drugs for the next 10 years.

Debbie now lives in Raunds

Debbie now lives in Raunds

Debbie, who grew up in Irthlingborough but lived away in her 20s and 30s before settling in Raunds more than 20 years ago, started writing notes in her diary when she was first diagnosed.

She did this until her daughter Georgia convinced her to write a blog so it could be shared with a wider audience.

During her treatment, Debbie received a lot of support from the Wellingborough-based breast cancer charity Crazy Hats and she is now a committee member trying to give something back to the community.

She managed to get her book published recently and is hoping it will bring some comfort and light relief to others during what can be a very daunting time.

Debbie, 53, said: “I’m so pleased I recorded all my feelings, the good, the bad and the irrational.

“If it can help just one person who is going through this, I’ll be happy.”

One reviewer wrote: “Debbie bares it all, and we’re along for the ride.

“Through humour and a reliance on friends and family, Debbie’s story is at times inspiring, heartwarming, funny and deeply moving.”

Another review said: “Made me laugh and cry in equal measure.

“A must read if you are newly diagnosed.

“Wish I had had it to read on my journey.”

Storm in a D Cup! is available from Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle.