BREAKING: KGH to get two-storey car park

GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001
GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001

KGH bosses say they are looking to build a second storey to a car park at the hospital.

Car Park B is the subject of a planning application sent to Kettering Council, with details released today (Friday).

A steel storey will be erected over the current car park with a Tarmac decking.

The move will almost double the number of spaces available in that particular car park, from 227 to 451.

Car parking has been the subject of much public frustration at the hospital, with patients and relatives often caught in queues and nearby residents frustrated by vehicles parking inconsiderately.

A number of measures have been put in place in recent years to try to stop people parking on nearby roads and on the grass verges outside the hospital.

Acting chief executive Clare Culpin said: “We know that the lack of car parking spaces on the hospital site has been a constant source of frustration for our patients and visitors for years and hope that this application will be approved to enable us to finally address the issue.

“These plans are part of a broader programme of improvements to the hospital site and will result in better and safer flows for traffic and pedestrians.

“Access routes across the hospital site will be clearly marked for our emergency services and there will be clear and efficient drop off zones for taxis and non-emergency patient transport services.

“In summary, these changes will ensure that emergency vehicles are able to use clearly designated routes through to A&E quickly and safely and that patients and visitors will find parking on site much easier and KGH more welcoming.”

A planning statement on Kettering Council’s website said: “A very high proportion of staff, patients and visitors travel to the hospital site by car.

“The trust recognises that it may be difficult to achieve significant changes for many patients and their visitors.

“The trust is therefore looking to maximise parking, both short term/drop and go, as well as longer term parking.

“Parking facilities on the site are carefully managed but the existing capacity is constantly overwhelmed, causing tailbacks that extend on to Rothwell Road.

“While this has a significant impact on visitors entering and parking it more importantly inhibits access to site for emergency vehicles.”