Brave Niamh will keep on fighting

NIAMH Curry has been back in hospital fighting off a chest infection ahead of more treatment next week, while the appeal to send her abroad for treatment has topped £220,000.

Five-year-old Niamh, of Wellingborough, who is fighting neuroblastoma, went into Kettering General Hospital on Saturday night and has been put on to antibiotics while she tackles the infection.

She is set to be discharged tomorrow but is due to travel to Oxford next week for a stem cell reinfusion.

The treatment will involve Niamh’s own stem cells being put back into her body to get the process of creating bone marrow, which has been affected by everything she has been through, working again.

Niamh’s dad Chris Curry said despite everything his daughter was doing well and the appeal was continuing to grow every day.

The Niamh’s Next Step appeal was launched in January with the aim of raising £450,000 to pay for Niamh to get treatment in America.

Mr Curry said: “With this, within a week to 10 days bone marrow should start working again.

“Niamh is fine, she’s a bit tired but that comes from the antibiotics and everything else.

“The appeal is up to £220,000 and there’s a lot of things going on.

“I think people are just trying to think of everything they can do.”

Upcoming events include a 24-hour bowlathon at Wellingborough Bowls Club which will begin at 5pm on Friday and finish at 5pm on Saturday.

Canadian paralympian Josh Cassidy, who won the 2010 London Marathon men’s wheelchair event, is set to take part in the marathon again on Sunday sporting an outfit promoting Niamh’s Next Step.

Mr Cassidy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma weeks after birth. He got in touch with the Curry family to offer his support to the appeal.

Mr Curry said: “When he found out he was definitely going to be doing it again his agent contacted us and said Josh was coming over and he would love to dedicate the race to Niamh.”

There are several runners who are taking part in this year’s London Marathon to raise money for the Niamh’s Next Step appeal.

If Niamh is feeling well the Currys plan to go down to the capital to meet Mr Cassidy and cheer on the runners taking part for Niamh.