Brambleside family litter pick

Bags of rubbish were collected by litter pickers during a community clean-up of Brambleside in Kettering.

About 20 people, including several children, took part in the clean-up organised by Brambleside school and Kettering Council on Saturday morning.

Amanda McDade, Kettering Council’s street cleansing assistant, said: “This is the first family litter pick we have done in the area and it has been really successful.

“It’s this kind of thing which really makes a difference to the community.”

Evelyn Clawson, Brableside classroom teacher and echo school coordinator, said: “I was really pleased with the turn-out and I’m very happy about how it went. We now hope to do about three litter picks a year in the area.”

Cllr Maurice Bayes said: “Hopefully, with the children helping on the day, they will tell their friends to pick up their litter.

“We had a wonderful response the clean-up – it shows real community spirit.”