Boy’s scooter snatched in Kettering

John-Paul McKeegans with son Campbell
John-Paul McKeegans with son Campbell

Police have appealed for witnesses after a nine-year-old had his £150 scooter snatched by a teenager outside a Kettering park.

Campbell McKeegans was coming home from the Mill Road Park just after 7.30pm on Sunday, September 22, when he was forced to hand over the scooter, which the youngster said was his favourite thing.

Campbell’s dad John-Paul said: “It’s disgraceful a nine-year-old can be pulled off his scooter on to his backside.

“I’ve said to him I don’t want him to be here without me.”

The alleged mugger, believed to be aged 17 or 18, was about 5ft 7in, with brown hair and wearing baggy blue jeans and a leather jacket.

Campbell’s scooter had a chrome finish with purple wheels and white tyres.