Boy on the mend after 25ft plunge into quarry

oad, finedon,  quarry  Thyler Webster 14 bruised after a fall
oad, finedon, quarry Thyler Webster 14 bruised after a fall

A teenager who fell more than 25ft onto rocks in a disused quarry will be recovering at home until after the half-term holiday.

Thyler Webster, 14, was out with his friends on Sunday when he fell from a tree into the 80ft deep quarry off Kenmuir Road, Finedon.

It took more than 20 firefighters two hours to rescue him.

He spent the night in Kettering General Hospital but is now recovering at home in Milner Road, Finedon.

Thyler, who turns 15 on Sunday, June 3, said: “I was just up a tree and fell. It was a big shock, I knocked myself out. All I can remember is falling and trying to grab branches on the way down.”

When he got to hospital, medics did x-rays and a CT scan, as Thyler had a lump on his head which he said was “like a golf ball”.

Thyler’s nan Christine Webster said he had been told he was fortunate not to have fractured any part of his body as he had hit branches on the tree as he fell.

She said: “He knocked himself out but only for a few minutes.

“He is only allowed to walk a little way until his leg heals.”

Thyler, who is a pupil at Huxlow Science College in Irthlingborough, has been told to rest and to walk a bit every day.