Boxing legend thrills fans at Wellingborough

Boxing legend Riddick Bowe receives his award from Stephen Beverley
Boxing legend Riddick Bowe receives his award from Stephen Beverley

Boxing legend Riddick Bowe delighted fans when he visited Wellingborough to be presented with a prestigious award.

The former heavyweight champion of the world was at the Sportsframe gallery, in the town, to receive the World Boxing Council’s goodwill ambassador award from its charity World Boxing Cares.

After receiving the award Riddick, who has been in the UK for two weeks attending charity dinners and events and taking part in exhibition bouts, took time to chat with fans and sign autographs.

He received the award from Stephen Beverley, chairman of the World Boxing Council’s appeal and disciplinary committee, who said: “We are delighted to welcome this magnificent champion and present him with the award on behalf of the 164 countries represented by the council.

“As an honorary goodwill ambassador for our charity World Boxing Cares he will support our UK programme which helps young people through difficult times.”

Riddick, who has his own charitable foundation in America which helps women and children in need, said: “It is a great honour to receive this award and I’m very happy to support the WBC charity and the work it does.

“It’s good to have the chance to give something back to communities where help is needed.”

David Walker, chairman of World Boxing Cares in the UK, said: “Our group of goodwill ambassadors is small and distinguished. We are delighted to recognise Riddick’s achievements inside and outside of the sport and we are honoured he has agreed to be one of our ambassadors.”

Riddick was at Sportsframe with his wife and daughter and told fans the visit coincided with his wedding anniversary and his birthday.

At the event funds were raised for local charities, including Niamh’s Next Step, set up by Chris and Samantha Curry, in memory of their daughter Niamh who died of neuroblastoma, aged five

The charity, which works to help other young sufferers of the aggressive childhood cancer, is Sportsframe’s charity of the year.