Boss denies Wellingborough shop front is too big

Tracy Ironside with the new shop sign
Tracy Ironside with the new shop sign
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An established town centre businesses has dismissed council claims that its shop front advertising is overly large.

Tracy Ironside, the owner of Top Tips nail and beauty salon in Wellingborough, received a letter from Wellingborough Council months after revamping the shop front last September, which suggests the fascia sign is “overly large” and would require planning permission.

It states the council is unhappy with the size and appearance of the sign, which it claims “detracts from the character and appearance of the town centre conservation area”.

Mrs Ironside said she didn’t apply for planning permission because she “didn’t make any changes”, and feels aggrieved because her previous shop front was highlighted in the council’s shop front scheme reports as needing a revamp.

She said: “We had a bigger board before and it was just changing the colours as far as we were concerned. The only difference is that the advert is on the board now, instead of the window. We feel terribly let down by the council. We are one of the businesses which is supporting the town through the recession.”

A council spokesman said: “We understand in these tough trading times shops feel the need to be competitive, but we feel strongly that there are ways to do that while remaining sympathetic to the historic buildings the shops are housed in. We’re not talking about enforcement action at the moment, we are simply approaching shop owners to let them know that we would like to see the shop fronts change.”

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