Booze is sending us to early grave

Concerns have been raised about county drinkers
Concerns have been raised about county drinkers

Two of the county’s health experts have called for a change in Northamptonshire’s drinking culture following a new report which illustrates the county’s booze woes.

The latest local alcohol profiles show how our towns are affected when its residents drink to excess, with NHS bosses admitting Corby is a serious concern.

Drinkers there shave 20 months off their lives through alcohol consumption, while Wellingborough has one of the highest booze related sexual offences rates as well as a large number of female deaths.

Professor Stephen Horsely, director of public health at Northamptonshire NHS, said: “People in Northamptonshire have to take responsibility of their own health, and take heed of the warning in this report.

“In Corby you’ve got an ingrained culture of drinkers dating back from when people from Glasgow came down for the Steelworks. People in Corby need to ask themselves whether they are drinking too much.

“But there are inner city drinking cultures in the likes of Kettering and Northampton too.”

Prof Horsely said the NHS has ramped up its marketing to try and make people aware of the ill-effects drinking has on their life.

They are also working with cessation services and GPs in order to reduce the problem, with £700,000 being made available to tackle the issue in Corby.

Clinical director of Northamptonshire drug and alcohol service, Arun Dhandayudham said: “It’s always concerning to hear these stats but we’’ve known for years that Corby has a huge problem with alcohol.

“It goes hand in hand with social deprivation and you only help the issue with education.”