Bizarre E.R. crew to film at Northampton hospital

A television crew is to be based at Northampton General Hospital for the next six months to film any bizarre accidents that come through the doors of its accident and emergency department.

The Maverick Television production company has started filming for the new series of Bizarre E.R, BBC Three's popular documentary series.

It focuses on the most interesting and unusual medical cases, following them from admission, through diagnosis and treatment, right up to the point when the patient is discharged.

Mark Downie, an executive producer at Maverick, said: "We picked Northampton General because of the large number of patients – 75,000 per year – treated by its A&E department.

"And also, because of its catchment area, it will allow us to draw on a rich and varied mix of potential cases; urban and rural, industrial, domestic and agricultural."

Despite the fact most patients usually prefer to keep their medical complaints to themselves, Mr Downie, who has overseen two previous series of the show, said he was certain shyness would not be a problem.

He said: "Boredom is our friend in this programme. People might spend a lot of time in the waiting area and think 'why not be on camera, I'm doing nothing else'.

"There's also the factor that some people want to record their time in hospital so they can show friends and family."

Bizarre E.R. is one of BBC Three's most successful shows. The most recent series regularly achieved more than 600,000 viewers.

Maverick Television is also the company behind Channel 4's How To Look Good Naked, 10 Years Younger and Embarrassing Bodies, and will be filming with the full co-operation of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust.

Filming will be taking place until February next year with the aim of making 12 half-hour episodes, which will air on BBC Three in spring 2010.