Birthday girl’s Olympic invite

A YOUNGSTER born on the day the Olympics bid was submitted will be at the forefront of the biggest sporting event in the world this year.

Eloise Brandon-Baynes, seven, of Diana Way, Burton Latimer, will welcome the iconic Olympic torch when it arrives at Peterborough en route to London and she will take part in the huge celebrations during the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

Mum Kirsty Baynes, 27, said: “She’s so excited. She’s waited her whole life for this, as we’ve known about this since her birth.

“It’s only been recently that we have got details on what she would be doing so it’s all very exciting.”

Eloise arrived early, with her birth predicted for Christmas Day eight years ago, but she was born on December 20, 2004.

This was the date that the bid for the London 2012 Olympics was submitted and organisers pledged to invite every child born on that date to the capital to celebrate the games.

The initiative is called the Children’s Promise, and parents whose children were born on that date were encouraged to register to play some part in the Olympics’ opening salvo.

Eloise has received a special Olympics birthday card from the Children’s Promise, and now is only a few months away from taking part in the event she has waited her whole life for.

Miss Baynes added: “She was due to be born on Christmas day but was an early birth, and will get to take part in the Olympic celebrations.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and something she will remember for the rest of her life.

“She’ll be telling the story to her grandchildren.

“She’s been very interested in the build up to the Olympics.”

Details on what Eloise will be doing at the opening ceremony have not yet been given to the family, but the youngster will take to the stage with other children at an evening ceremony when the torch reaches Peterborough on Tuesday, July 3.

Miss Baynes has also been given a ticket for the Paralympic opening ceremony to join the celebrations in the stands, which starts nearly a month after the Olympics.

The ceremony on Wednesday, August 29, will feature parades, performances, and a light show before the torch is brought to the Olympic Stadium to be lit to signify the start of the Games.