Bird-day cake specially created for Rushden Lakes’ first anniversary

Centre manager Paul Rich with the bird-friendly birthday cake
Centre manager Paul Rich with the bird-friendly birthday cake

A birthday cake made especially for birds was created as part of the celebrations for Rushden Lakes’ first anniversary.

On Monday, Rushden Lakes was making every day a happy bird-day in celebration of its first birthday with a bird-friendly dessert made from seeds and lard for the park’s feathery friends to enjoy after new nests and bird species have appeared at The Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve.

Cindi Hemms and Michelle Wright with 'Brock the Badger' at Rushden Lakes

Cindi Hemms and Michelle Wright with 'Brock the Badger' at Rushden Lakes

As part of the centre’s birthday activities, visitors were given a slice of the cake in a recycled paper bag to take home to feed the birds in their own gardens.

Human-friendly cupcakes were also available for shoppers to enjoy.

Paul Rich, centre manager for Rushden Lakes, said the first year at the shopping park had flown by and been a huge success.

He said: “We opened Rushden Lakes with the first phase of the development fully let with more than 380,000 sq ft of retail space.

“We have gone from strength to strength with openings of a flagship House of Fraser store, Magazine Heaven which is a UK first and Northamptonshire’s first Wagamama, to name just a few.”

Rushden Lakes’ bird-day was inspired by the wildlife that call the SSSI protected Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve, their home during the course of the past year.

Paul said: “In just a year, the reserve has become a heronry with 13 grey heron nests dotted around the lake, and The Wildlife Trust believes little egrets, a species of small heron, have arrived for the first time.

“In the woodland area on the reserve, lesser spotted woodpeckers have been seen, which we’re delighted about as they have been listed as a bird of conservational concern in the UK.”

The birthday celebrations will continue until August 5 with the Rushden Lakes Small Steps to Sustainability campaign.

From 4pm each day, shoppers who spend £30 or more at any store or restaurant will be able to claim their very own sustainably-sourced, reusable cup to take home.

The eco-friendly cups are ethically sourced from Global Wakecup who believe in waking people up to the effects of plastic on the environment.

And Rushden Lakes will see further development in its second year.

Paul said: “The next 12 months will be just as important for Rushden Lakes as the first.

“Over the summer, our East Terrace will open with five new stores – the first being AJ Cycles, due to open on Saturday (July 28).

“AJ Cycles will then be joined by Cotswold Outdoor, Decathlon, Wren Kitchens and Hobbycraft.

“We hope everyone has a great time celebrating our first birthday with us.

“It was great to see visitors taking pieces of our bird-day cake home for their gardens and we can’t wait to see shoppers enjoying their very own Rushden Lakes cups.”