Biker caught doing 100mph on A6 during police crackdown

A car overtaking on the A6 between Burton Latimer and Finedon
A car overtaking on the A6 between Burton Latimer and Finedon

More than 200 drivers were stopped during the latest phase of an operation to make the A6 between Finedon and Kettering safer.

During the operation from August 5 until September 20, 53 drivers were found to be breaking the speed limit.

A total of 218 drivers were stopped and 69 tickets were issued for a number of offences including using a mobile phone and not using a seatbelt.

The police added that there has been a significant drop in the number of accidents on the route.

Sgt Andrew Tuff said: “This section of the A6 is classed as a Red Route – there were 16 people killed or seriously injured between January 2010 and December 2012.

“The operation was aimed at promoting safer driving through advice and education, as well as enforcement, and there has only been one accident, involving damage to a car and no injuries, during the latest phase.”

Sgt Jon Hodgson added: “We had good feedback from members of the public about this operation – after all, it’s about saving lives.

“It’s encouraging that the vast majority of those driving along the road are doing so legally but we are cracking down on those that don’t and 53 people are realising that, including a motorcyclist who was detected at exceeding 100mph.”