Bike safety advice for county cyclists

Cyclists are being urged to protect their bikes
Cyclists are being urged to protect their bikes

British Transport Police (BTP) and Network Rail are joining forces to protect cyclists at London Midland stations in the county.

A cycle surgery was held on Wednesday, September 12, at Northampton station and was a chance for officers to provide crime prevention advice to cyclists and make sure passengers had their bikes securely marked.

Inspector Neil Ketley said: “Officers were on hand at the cycle racks throughout late afternoon and early evening to catch returning commuters, offering them advice on how to keep their bikes safe.

“We were also there to register passengers’ bikes to an online database and etching cycles with unique reference numbers.

“As part of the surgery, officers targeted commuters who regularly leave their bikes at the station’s racks.”

Insp Ketley added: “A difficulty we face is that many people who ride bikes leave them at railway stations for very long periods of time.

“Because of this, it’s more important than ever for us to ensure that cycle owners are educated and informed about how best to protect themselves from thieves.

“There are several steps people can take to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft.

“The best thing to remember is to register your bike and also to ensure two solid locks are used to secure both the frame and the wheels to the stand.

“If a bike is adequately marked, it makes it much easier to identify and therefore reduces its desirability to thieves.”

Simon Whitehorn, Network Rail general manager, said: “I hope events such as these will increase public awareness about bike security and make opportunistic thieves think twice about stealing a bike.”

A London Midland spokesman said: “As more and more people use bicycles to commute to work, there are naturally more cycles around with the potential to be stolen.

“Reducing cycle theft is important, from the crime reduction, health and sustainable transport points of view.

“BTP have been working hard nationally to reduce cycle theft, using such surgeries for registration and advice on how to properly secure cycles.

“This is something which London Midland fully supports for our passengers and staff to encourage all to feel confident in leaving their cycles securely at our stations.”

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