Big rise in business for Wellingborough entrepreneurs

Wellingborough is defying the national economic gloom, according to one snapshot of economic activity there.

A group of entrepreneurs in the town generated £500,000 between themselves in the six months to the beginning of October, nearly double that of the equivalent period last year, £260,000.

It comes in face of the national economy being hit by a double-dip recession.

The figure, which was also five times higher than the six-month period between October 2010 and March 2011, represents the level of business generated between the 32 entrepreneurs of the Wellingborough chapter of BNI.

It aims to encourage its members to recommend the other members of the group to potential clients.

Carl Davis, a partner at Nigel Davis Property Services, who has held the position of chapter director since April, has presided over the growth.

He said his business had recently experienced one of its busiest ever periods and described the increased economic activity within the group as “phenomenal”.

He said: “It shows that with a flexible and dynamic approach, small to medium-sized businesses cannot only survive but prosper in tough times.”

MP Peter Bone said the town was doing better than the rest of the country and had “shown great resilience in hard times”.

He said: “This is a testament to the endurance and entrepreneurial flair of many of the family businesses in town. There are plenty of companies focusing on niche markets.”

The largest chunk of the revenue was an £80,000 contract awarded to Activate Business Development to promote the town through the Discover Wellingborough campaign, which aims to encourage more visitors to come to the town.