Big park revamp scheme scrapped

PLANS to spend £310,000 on sports facilities at a town park have been scrapped after officials said it was the wrong location.

Wellingborough Council had announced plans to spend £310,000 on a new pavillion, sports pitches and changing rooms at Castle Fields in the town.

But at a meeting of the local authority’s resources committee, members said they would prefer to see the money divided between all of the town parks.

It was also suggested that Croyland Park would be a better location for the sports pitches.

Funding for the scheme has come from section 106 money acquired from developers who built homes at the John Lea Estate and Burrows Bush site.

The Football Association has also agreed to give the council £50,000 towards the project.

Cllr Thomas Pursglove said: “I think this should be looked at again in order that the money is spent at Croyland Park.”

Cllr Andrew Scarborough said: “It is simply not the right place to put a football-based facility. I think there’s one obvious location and that is Croyland Park. If you go down to the park at the weekend it is well used. It has got good parking and it’s easily accessible.”

Cllr Martin Griffiths said: “My concern is that this is a huge chunk of money in a play area that is not well used at the moment.

“I would rather see it used in Croyland Park.”

Cllr Barry Graves said the changing facilities at all the town’s parks should be looked at, including those at Croyland Park, Bassetts Close and Eastfield Park.

The committee agreed that the council should go back to the drawing board and formulate a new plan for how the money should be spent.

Katie-Rose Connolly, 21, of Shelley Road, Wellingborough, said: “I think it would be more sensible if it was at Croyland Park because that is where a lot of sports take place, including cross-country running. But it would also be good if some money could be spent at all of the parks.”