Big increase in work put in by police specials

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Work carried out by Northamptonshire Police Special Constabulary increased dramatically in June compared to 12 months earlier.

Specials made 44 arrests, recorded 111 crimes, seized 13 vehicles and carried out 76 alcohol seizures, figures have revealed.

In total, the volunteer police officers gave up 6,879 hours of their time this June compared to 4,284 hours in June 2012.

Special Superintendent Mike Maywood said: “We are always pleased with the level of commitment from our special constables but have been particularly delighted with the dedication shown during the Silverstone weekend.

“Many special constables took time off from their day jobs to support the Silverstone policing operation, working 12 hour days to help keep the event safe for everyone to enjoy.”

Specials completed over 150 tours of duty over the Silverstone weekend. This totalled 1,994 hours of their time given in support of Silverstone and general policing duties in the community. An average weekend sees around 750 hours given by the Specials.

SSupt Maywood added: “This was one of our busiest weekends on record and I am hugely proud of the outstanding support and time the Specials have committed to Northamptonshire Police.”

Police commissioner Adam Simmonds said: “We are incredibly lucky to have such dedicated people giving up their time for the good of the county and I would like to thank each and every member of the Special Constabulary for helping to make Northamptonshire a safer place.”

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