Bid to improve town’s streets

A RANGE of modern new street furniture items could replace benches, bins and signs in Market Street, Wellingborough.

A total of £75,000 has been set aside to be spent on the new contemporary-style street furniture, which includes wooden and metal benches, stainless steel litter bins, bollards, cycle stands, sign posts and street name plates.

Wellingborough Council’s development committee is set to discuss several options on Tuesday.

The first is to have the proposed new contemporary street furniture and to install a total of 13 benches and six bins. The second is another arrangement of the contemporary street furniture with 11 benches and five bins.

The third option is to move the existing traditional-style street furniture around and to remove bollards on Orient Place. This option would cut the cost of the project to £30,000.

A recommendation on which option to choose will be presented to the development committee in May, along with people’s views.

Cllr Graham Lawman, chairman of the development committee, said the council was not conducting a formal public consultation but was keen to hear people’s thoughts and ideas. He said: “We are looking for any ideas people have about what they want to see – do they want more benches or less benches, more cycle racks or less.”

He said the idea with the contemporary-style street furniture was to link together areas where work has been done on the road – Sheep Street, Silver Street and part of Market Street – with the section of Market Street which runs between them. The new contemporary-style street furniture has already been installed in the areas where work has been done.

Carol Atter, of Windsor Road, Wellingborough, said she thought the existing street furniture was good enough. She said: “Why can’t they just clean it up?”