Bid to cut parking problems near Corby schools

Police organise a Corby Walk to School Day
Police organise a Corby Walk to School Day

Police in Corby are hoping Valentine’s Day will be the start of something special when they encourage parents to leave their cars at home and walk their children to school.

The Corby Walk to School Day is the brainchild of PCSO Michael Roche who is encouraging parents to give it a try on Friday, February 14, in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and parking problems near the town’s primary schools.

He said: “Dangerous or inconsiderate parking around schools is an issue that gets raised time and time again. It’s something we spend a lot of time dealing with, both issuing tickets for illegal parking and trying to educate motorists about the potential dangers.

“By ignoring traffic regulations and taking children right to the school gate, parents and carers are placing others at risk.

“With this in mind, I’m asking all parents to consider leaving the car at home occasionally and walking their children to school, starting on Friday, February 14.

PCSO Roche got the idea from the Living Streets’ Walk Once a Week campaign, which encourages parents, children and young people to make walking to school part of their daily routine.

He said: “Living Streets has been promoting its Walk Once a Week campaign since 2005 and does a lot of work to encourage more communities and schools to join in. It might seem a big ask but, as well as being good exercise, walking to can mean parents get to spend some quality time with their children.

“I realise that not everyone will be able to walk all the way but they could try park and stride. This simply means driving some of the way and then parking and completing the journey on foot. This is ideal for families that live a long way from school.

“I’ll be contacting schools over the next couple of weeks to promote Corby Walk to School Day and hope that, between us, we can encourage hundreds of parents and pupils across the town to take part. There may even be a prize for the school that has the most pupils walking to school on the day.”