Beating the New Year slump

After the euphoria of partying throughout the Christmas period, the thought of being dragged to work throughout the first few months of the New Year can be very depressing.

But there are a few ways in which you can beat that depressing New Year slump, and here they are:

1) Stop thinking about last year! So what if you got a little bit too drunk, and wanted to snog your boss; or if you did something so horrendously embarrassing you locked yourself in the house for three days; what is done is done, and the best thing to do now would be to draw a line under that experience, and think of a new year, with thousands of new things to do.

2) Think about what’s to come! Instead of sitting around thinking about the cold weather and everything else that makes us all want to cry in the winter, think happy thoughts.

Think of the future summer to come. The sun, the music, the festivals, the drinks! Just think of the future and forget the boring winter.

3) Find something that makes you happy! If you aren’t feeling up for the task of work or school, then find something that makes you feel a little better about it.

Perhaps you could listen to a new artist? Watch a new movie? Do something completely new and exciting?

Whatever it is, just find something that makes you feel happy and a little better about the day and tasks that are coming your way, and soon you will be forgetting about that huge amount of paperwork waiting on your desk.

4) Get some sleep! I know it sounds simple when all anyone wants to do in winter is curl up into a ball and hibernate until summer; but seriously, get some sleep.

If you know you have to be up early for work the next day, don’t you dare have another sip of wine!

However depressing the thought may be, you have to get up tomorrow; so go home, get into some comfortable PJs, and have a nice cuppa.

After eight hours of well-needed sleep you will get up the next day no problem, feeling fresh and revitalised.

5) Finally, don’t over-work! It’s the beginning of the year, and everyone’s still got a Christmas/New Year hangover.

Just take things slow, and ease yourself back into work. You will certainly not get anywhere if you rush into things, and overload yourself with too much to do, and too much to think about.

Use these five steps, and there will be no worries of getting over your New Year slump.