BEAST FROM THE EAST: Four days of yellow snow warnings now in place for Northamptonshire

Four weather warnings for snow, issued by the Met Office, are now in place for Northants.

The Met Office has issued four weather warnings between now and Friday as the ‘Beast from the East’ heads towards Britain.

Yesterday (Sunday) the Met Office upgraded Tuesday’s weather warning in the county from a yellow ‘be aware’ to an amber ‘be prepared’, as reported this morning.

However this afternoon (Monday) the warning was changed again by the Met Office to yellow.

Today’s weather warning kicked in at 4pm and is in place until midnight: “Snow showers, already affecting eastern parts of England, are expected to become more persistent and heavier through late Monday afternoon and evening.”

Tuesday’s warning will come into force just after midnight: “Snow showers or longer periods of snow are expected on Tuesday, accompanied by very low temperatures.”

Another 24-hour warning is in place for Wednesday: “Heavy snow showers are expected on Wednesday.”

On Friday the snow is set to return: “There is potential for a spell of heavy snow, accompanied by strong winds, to affect much of Northern Ireland, Wales together with central and southern England on Friday.”

Snow warnings are in place throughout the week. Pic: Paul Bagworth

The Met Office warns that there is potential for travel delays on roads throughout the week, as well as delays or cancellations to rail and air travel. Power cuts may also occur and other services, such as mobile phones, may be affected.

Snow warnings are in place throughout the week. Pic: Paul Bagworth