Be part of Big Summer Night Out

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The search is on to find Corby people to take part in this year’s Big Summer Night Out.

No Way Back is Made in Corby’s Big Summer Night Out for 2015 and follows the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance at Steel Park last year.

Award-winning theatre company Frantic Assembly will be producing the dynamic theatre show at the Core theatre on July 9 and 10.

But before then Frantic Assembly’s co-founder and artistic director Scott Graham and associate director Neil Bettles, who are both from Corby, will be back at The Core running group workshops to find 10 local people to help create, take part and perform in No Way Back.

Mr Bettles said: “No Way Back takes inspiration from life changing events and the milestones we pass as individuals that define us.

“We’re looking for an exciting group of people who will be open to going on a creative journey with us.

It was absolutely brilliant, exhilarating and really good fun.

Maureen Gallacher

“We hope they will challenge themselves personally, and us as professional theatre makers in the way we collaborate with communities.

“We’re seeking people who are honest and open – and willing to work hard! – but won’t necessarily have done anything like this before.”

More than 70 Corby people of all ages from 16 and 86 have already had a taste of Frantic Assembly in movement-led workshops led by creative practitioner Jonnie Riordan in Corby earlier this month.

One of those who took part in the tasters was Maureen Gallacher.

She said: “I really didn’t know what to expect. But Johnnie was enthusiastic and energetic.

“Even though we were a diverse group age-wise, we all worked as one.

“It was absolutely brilliant, exhilarating and really good fun.

“I feel much more confident, it’s lifted me up and for me, it’s turned the clock back.”

Maureen is signing up for the workshop on Saturday, May 30, and added: “To anyone thinking about taking part – give it a try!”

Programme manager for Made in Corby Helen Willmott said: “Following the successful tasters, Neil and Jonnie are back in town for trials on May 30 as the next step.

“Each group workshop will involve 15 to 20 people and last about an hour and a half.

“Anyone interested can call 01536 267895.”