Barber Vince’s split loyalties as he cheers Italy

Vince Geranio (Italy supporter) and colleague Zara Ward (England supporter)
Vince Geranio (Italy supporter) and colleague Zara Ward (England supporter)

A football-mad barber says he is expecting some grief from customers now the World Cup is here.

Vince Geranio, of Vince’s Barbers in Hawthorn Road, Kettering, is a huge Italy fan – owing to his Italian heritage – and despite growing up in England he says he will, as usual, be cheering on the Azzurri.

To make matters worse for Vince, Italy and England meet in their group D fixture.

Vince said: “There’s been a lot of banter between me and the customers recently. I’ve been taking some stick but it’s been a good laugh.

“As soon as the draw was made and England and Italy were in the same group I had about 34 text messages and 17 missed calls within minutes.”

Vince said he is hoping Italy do well in the tournament, and says he would like anyone to win except the hosts, Brazil.

He added: “I think the heat in South America is going to play a big part.

“It will benefit the teams who keep the ball and pass it around because it will be tiring for the teams who are chasing around.

“England are not necessarily my second team.

“I like to see them do well and I hope they get through the group, but I always feel a bit more relaxed once they have been knocked out of tournaments because it means I’ll get a bit less grief.”

Vince’s mum and dad are both Italian but Vince was born in Kettering and is loyal to his hometown – which includes having a deep love for Kettering Town.