‘Ban burka to stop escapes’

Philip Hollobone MP
Philip Hollobone MP

An MP has said the escape of a terrorism suspect wearing a burka is more evidence it should be banned in public.

Philip Hollobone is a long-term campaigner on the issue, and he said the fact Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed had absconded while wearing a burka was another reason MPs should support his bid to prohibit them from being worn.

Mr Hollobone told the Home Secretary Theresa May: “This is not about telling women what to wear: first, because we now know that men wear burkas as well as women; and secondly, because this issue is about somebody concealing their identity, and such a law must cover both balaclavas and burkas.”

He also described the burka is “medieval, sexist and oppressive”.

In response, Mrs May said her position had not changed, adding: “I continue to hold the view that it is not for the Government to tell women how to dress.”