Bag of used syringes found in Corby park

Some of the drugs items found in the park off Shire Road
Some of the drugs items found in the park off Shire Road

A woman who found a bag of used syringes in a Corby park has criticised the council for not coming to pick it up for several hours.

The carrier bag containing drug paraphernalia, used and new syringes, cooking spoons and acid tubes as well as items of female clothing was left scattered around the park between Derwent Walk and Tay Close off Shire Road in Corby on Thursday morning.

Some of the drugs paraphernalia found in the park off Shire Road

Some of the drugs paraphernalia found in the park off Shire Road

On Thursday at 9am local residents called the police who said that they should phone Corby Council.

One resident who did not wish to be named said: “After the rain on the park was thankfully deserted of children on their school holidays as it was wet.

“My partner called me over our fence to get the mobile phone as he needed to ring the police.

“They told him they were not interested and to ring the council.

“I got the phone number for him and he spoke to the environmental office and told them and they replied it had been reported and an order had gone out at 9am for them to be collected!

“I took over the phone and told them I would stand guard over the items to prevent children touching them.”

After the resident phoned the Northants Telegraph, two officers arrived to take the items away at about 3.30pm on Thursday, more than six hours after they had first been spotted.

The resident said: “In a park where children play, and at this long school holiday period, it’s disgraceful that an order going out at 1am was not seen to until the residents kick off at 15.26pm.”

A Corby Council spokesman said: “We have a policy to remove flytipping within 72 hours of it being reported. However on occasions where the flytip may contain hazardous items such as drug paraphernalia this then becomes a priority and our officer will remove the items as quickly as possible. The time it takes to clear priority reports may depend on resources however it would certainly be dealt with as soon as possible within the same working day.

“Any hazardous items should be reported for collection via the street scene hotline at the Council’s OSS on 01536 464242 giving a full description of hazardous item(s) and the precise location, the job will then be logged and allocated with suitable priority for investigation and removal.”