Auction of goods bought with stolen money

Jenny Glanister
Jenny Glanister

An auction will be held of goods a former finance manager bought with money stolen from a care home company.

Jenny Glanister, 51, was sentenced to 32 months in April after she admitted stealing £338,000 from Oakfield Limited’s care homes in Easton Maudit and Yardley Hastings, including £17.000 from residents’ personal funds.

An auction of items Glanister bought with the money, including jewellery and fur coats, will be held soon.

Today, Wednesday, June 6, at Northampton Crown Court Glanister’s defence counsel asked for time to be given to allow Glanister to separate out items she had bought with the stolen money, which will go to the auction, from family heirlooms at her elderly parents’ property.

Recorder John Steel QC gave Glanister time to do so but set out a timetable for the work to be completed.

He said: “We have to find a way in which the effect on your parents will be minimised but we have to get hold of the right goods.

“I’m not willing to let this go on for ever. It is best for you and everyone to get it over and done with as soon as possible.”

Glanister will be provided with lists and photographs of the goods held by the prosecution for the auction to determine what items she bought with the stolen money and which are items belonging to her family.

The court also heard Glanister, formerly of Penfold Drive, Great Billing, and currently in prison at Peterborough had received open prison status and was awaiting a transfer.