Attempted purse theft in Corby

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Two men tried to steal a women’s purse as she was walking in Inwood Close, Corby.

The incident happened on Friday (April 25) when the men got out of a small black car and asked her for directions.

A police spokesman said: “One of them presented a map and as she gave them directions, she realised the other had his hand in her bag and was trying to steal her purse. She understood what he was doing before he managed to take anything.”

The driver of the car has olive coloured skin, dark wavy hair and stubble. He is 5ft 7in, slim and in his early 30s.

The passenger is white, in his mid 40s, 5ft 6in, slim, with receding light-brown hair. He wore large dark-framed glasses.

Both men wore dark-coloured suits and ties and had foreign accents.

Witnesses are asked to call the police on 101.