Asian gold stolen in Wellingborough and Kettering

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Thieves escaped with a haul of Asian gold following three break-ins which police believe are linked.

All three incidents happened on Thursday (June 26), with one in Burford Way, Wellingborough, at about 2pm, one in Wentworth Avenue, Wellingborough, between 9.45am and 3.25pm, and one in St Saviours Road, Kettering, between 3pm and 4pm.

In each of the three burglaries, Asian gold was stolen and police believe the thefts may be linked.

Detective Sergeant Matt Conroy is leading the investigation into the thefts.

He said: “I want to reassure people that we are taking these burglaries very seriously and specialist officers are carrying out a full investigation whilst our Community Engagement officers offer advice and reassurance to victims.

“While these investigations take place, I would like to remind people to make sure they take steps to secure their jewellery and valuables.

“A small investment in security can provide a greater peace of mind and as such I would urge anyone who has any high value items to consider keeping it in a safety deposit box.

“If that is not possible then it is imperative that people make sure they are alert to this kind of theft and take measures to make sure their home is as secure as possible.

“If anyone witnesses any suspicious activity near their home, they should report it to us on 101, and if anyone suspects there is an intruder in their home they should call us immediately on 999.”

Anyone who has any concerns about this kind of crime, or who would like crime prevention advice, can contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 or their local Safer Community Team via our online contact form at and click on the Do It Online button.

Police have issued some crime prevention advice in light of the thefts, including:

- Invest in a safe and ensure that it is securely fixed to a brick wall

- Alternatively, consider using a bank safety deposit box to store gold or high value jewellery

- When wearing jewellery in public, be cautious and discreet to avoid attracting unwanted attention

- Photograph each piece of valuable gold or jewellery with a written description - this will help in appealing for information and returning it to you if it is stolen. Ensure you also have an agreed valuation from your insurance company

- Make sure your jewellery is marked with a product appropriate for use on jewellery visit for property marking products

- Remember to lock all external windows and doors including rear and side entrances when you go out

- Consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, if there is no local scheme why not start your own?

- Review your current home security arrangements to ensure that they are adequate. When addressing security consider the value of your belongings kept within the home.