Arrest ends school project

Giancarlo Vinci and Demi Jeffrey 'arrest' Lorraine Schultz
Giancarlo Vinci and Demi Jeffrey 'arrest' Lorraine Schultz

A surprise staged arrest with a real police officer gave pupils an exciting end to a writing project based on Cluedo.

Actress Lorraine Schultz, of the Broughton Players, was ‘arrested’ by Met police officer Giancarlo Vinci when Grange Primary School in Kettering concluded a project based on the whodunnit board game earlier this month.

Deputy headteacher Sue Gibb said: “She was just so brilliant. He read her her rights and dragged her off.

“The children loved it. It was fantastic.”

Parents, who went in to watch an assembly on the project inspired by pupils’ enjoyment of the Young Detectives scheme, visited classrooms to see the police reports pupils had written and play Cluedo with them.