Are you trained for the right job?

New figures show certain industries in the county are over-run with newly-qualified people looking for work, while in other industries there is a surplus of jobs compared to the number of people training to do them.

For every person who trains in Corby, two jobs are advertised. In East Northamptonshire more than two vacancies are advertised per person that qualifies.

But the picture is bleaker in Kettering and Wellingborough.

In Kettering the equivalent number of vacancies advertised per person who trains is 0.75, and there is about one vacancy posted for every newly-trained person in Wellingborough.

One industry over-run locally with trained people looking for work is hair and beauty. In 2010-11 230 people trained in Corby in the industry, 10 in East Northamptonshire, 200 in Kettering and 20 in Wellingborough.

But that year there were just three hair and beauty vacancies advertised in Corby, three in East Northamptonshire, 24 in Kettering and none in Wellingborough.

This means that there was the equivalent of only one vacancy in hair and beauty per 100 jobseekers in Corby.

Another industry where there are few jobs and a large number of hopefuls is hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism – in Corby there was only one vacancy advertised per six people who trained in the industry, while there were no vacancies at all in East Northamptonshire or Wellingborough. But in Kettering there were 193 vacancies and 140 people who trained – more than one job per person.

The figures also reveal there are more jobs than people training to do them in the automotive industry.

In Kettering there were more than nine vacancies advertised per person who trained in the automotive industry, compared to about four vacancies per jobseeker in Corby, three in East Northamptonshire and more than one vacancy per jobseeker in Wellingborough.

There was more security work than people training to do it in Corby – more than 13 jobs were advertised per person who trained in the field.

In Kettering there appears to be more jobs in contruction than people training to do them, with more than five vacancies per person who trained.

Adrian House, chairman of Rushden and District Chamber of Trade, said he wasn’t surprised to see there were more automotive jobs than people training, as the industry was an essential.

He said: “It’s tough for people because the employment laws make it so restrictive – you take hairdressing for example, to be able to cover five weeks’ paid holiday a year for a hairdressing business is a big commitment. It does put them off hiring.

“The motor industry seems to still be doing well because cars keep going wrong. It’s still a good industry if people are willing to get their hands dirty.

“I don’t think many people are taking on in Rushden at the moment.”

Tresham College principal Stuart Wesselby said he was confident people who completed courses at Tresham were going on to work in their chosen field. He said: “At Tresham our main priority is to ensure that each one of our students completes their course successfully and progresses into employment, an apprenticeship, university or further training.

“We realise that young people and adults who complete their courses are entering a very competitive jobs market. However, I am confident that the additional skills and support we provide are resulting in job and university offers.

“Tresham provides courses in a range of subjects with additional employability skills and regularly reviews the courses on offer to suit the local labour market as it is important for us to ensure that local and national business gain the employees with the skills required to improve their competitiveness and productivity.”


Figures showing which industries are creating jobs in the county are released at a time when unemployment is continuing to rise.

The latest unemployment figures show the number of people who were out of work was up in Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby and East Northamptonshire last month.

In Kettering a total of 2,363 people – 4.1 per cent – claimed jobseekers’ allowance (JSA) in July, up by 73 from 2,290 the month before.

In Wellingborough 2,189 people – 4.5 per cent of the population – claimed JSA in July, up by 55 from 2,134 in June.

In Corby 6.2 per cent, a total of 2,209 people, claimed JSA in July, up by 54.

And in East Northamptonshire 2.9 per cent of the population, a total of 1,531, claimed JSA in July, up by 48 from 1,483.

Youth unemployment is also up – the number of claimants aged between 18 and 24 years in north Northamptonshire was 4,630 in July, up by 120 on the month before.


The figures show there are about two jobs advertised per person who trains in Corby and East Northamptonshire, while the number of vacancies per person is lower in Kettering and Wellingborough.

In Kettering there are 0.74 vacancies advertised per person who trained.

In Wellingborough there was about one vacancy advertised per person who trained.

There were 8,085 vacancies advertised and 4,050 ‘skills achievements’ – people who trained – in Corby in 2010-11.

In East Northamptonshire 2,340 people trained and 4,739 jobs were advertised.

In Kettering 10,670 people trained but just 7,945 vacancies were advertised.

And in Wellingborough 6,300 people trained and 6,203 jobs were advertised.

The figures were compiled from research done by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion on behalf of the Local Government Association.