Approval granted for new 1,800-pupil Corby school and Wellingborough special needs school

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Two new free schools will open in the north of the county after approval was granted by Education Secretary Justine Greening.

Corby Secondary Academy and Friars East Free School in Wellingborough were given the nod in a Government announcement yesterday (Wednesday).

Corby Secondary Academy will be run by the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT) and will eventually be an 1,800-pupil school, including 300 sixth form places.

Each year group will have 10 forms.

MP for Corby and East Northants Tom Pursglove said: “I am delighted with the news, and welcome the opportunity for parents in Corby to have even more choice in finding a good school for their children.

“I have always said that there needs to be a variety of educational options available to provide the maximum amount of choice for local young people, and this new school will do just that, as well as addressing the need for more school places, in light of the rapid housing growth our area is experiencing.”

Friars East Free School will offer 145 places for students aged 11 to 18 with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The school proposal prior to approval read: “Friars East Free School will open in September 2018, subject to approval by the Department for Education, with 27 places in Year 7 and five places in Year 12, growing to full capacity in 2022.

“The school will be operated by a new multi-academy trust established by Friars Academy with its strong track record in SEN, and will offer exceptional care and opportunity for young people in the community to learn, explore, enjoy and develop their skills in a safe and highly supportive environment.”

The schools were part of six in Northamptonshire to be announced, with three in Northampton and one in Daventry, as part of more than 100 new free schools nationwide.

Justine Greening said: “We need schools that can bring out the best in every single child no matter where they’re growing up, how much their parents earn, or however different their talents are.

“That’s why these new schools are so important – they give us the school places we need for the future, and they also give parents more choices to find a great school place in their area that’s right for their child.”