APPEAL: Volunteers in need of a base to help the homeless in Corby

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A church group has launched an appeal to find space which they can use to help homeless people living in Corby.

The Candle of Light Christian Spiritual Church has been going out during the Christmas period to give out warm clothing, bedding and food to people sleeping rough for several years.

But the volunteers are now looking to extend their work helping the homeless.

They are looking for a space which they can use as a base and store items such as donated sleeping bags, clothes and tents to give to those in need.

Dennis Binks from the church said: “Every Christmas my church carries out a homeless project.

“Homelessness, as in other areas, has grown in Corby - this Christmas we found 14 homeless people sleeping rough.”

Since then, Dennis believes the number has risen to 24 and the church wants to do more to help.

He said: “The church feels it needs to offer help to these homeless people weekly, offering food, sleeping bags, tents and medical help.

“We used to operate from the St John Ambulance Hall in South Road, Corby, but we are not based there anymore.”

The church wants to hear from any private landlords or organisations who may be able to provide an old building, double garage or old shed which they could use.

Dennis added: “We have volunteers prepared to patrol known areas where rough sleepers are and provide sleeping bags, clothes, tents and food.

“But we have to have somewhere to use to operate from.”

The volunteers’ safety is paramount to Dennis so he makes sure all volunteers go out in a group of four, consisting of two men and two women.

They keep in regular touch with him when they are near a location known to have homeless people and they also liaise with the police.

The patrols usually take place between 10pm and 2pm.

Dennis would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help provide some accommodation which could be used as a base, and said: “The people of Corby and my church need an old shed, a double garage or an old shop.”

They have a portable shower, a hairdressser and a nurse to check over anyone they find to help, and added: “The rough sleepers are desperate.”

Anyone who thinks they can help is asked to call Dennis on 07914 270842.

Dennis is also looking for anyone who would be interested in becoming a minister at the church.

He says the church is really busy, especially with its outreach groups, so they would love to hear from anyone over 18 who is interested in helping out.