Appeal to plant 1,000 trees in Corby

Mark Buswell and Brigit Soe of UK Planet Aid at the site where they hope to plant 1,000 trees
Mark Buswell and Brigit Soe of UK Planet Aid at the site where they hope to plant 1,000 trees

A £10,000 appeal has been launched to fund a project to plant 1,000 trees near Corby and another 10,000 in Africa.

Plant Aid UK, a not-for-profit company in Maylan Road, Corby, is asking companies, organisations and individuals to help sponsor the scheme.

A site near Bulwick has already been found for the Corby woodland.

Trees will also be planted in Zimbabwe as part of a pledge by the aid organisation Humana People to People to provide 14 million trees this year for its projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Mark Buswell, Planet Aid UK’s promotor, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for companies to make a contribution towards the funding of a local, community-based project aimed at addressing the negative effects of climate change both here and in Africa.

“We have made an agreement with Isis Forestry and the landowner of Bulwick Estates, near Corby, to support the planting of 1,000 trees on half a hectare of land.

“For every tree we plant here we will support the planting of 10 more trees in Zimbabwe.

“Climate change is an enormous and daunting threat, but it is a reality that we must face and one that we can and must do something about.

“Our fear and frustration can be turned into positive and sustainable change and, together, we can make our earth better for ourselves and for future generations.”

Planet Aid UK has contacted more than 20 Corby companies seeking sponsorship for the project. Other groups and individuals in the town are also invited to help fund the woodland scheme.

Companies are being asked to make a gold donation of £1,000, a silver donation of £500 or a bronze donation of £250.

Mr Buswell said: “Donations of any amount from elsewhere will also be gratefully received. We hope that the people of Corby will give their support to the project.”

Plans are being made to plant the trees in Bulwick during February.

For more information call 01536 400721.