Appeal’s final push to get two incubators for special care babies in Kettering

The appeal has been a huge success so far
The appeal has been a huge success so far

A huge public response to an appeal to buy an additional intensive care incubator for KGH’s Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) means the unit now has nearly enough money for two new incubators.

In October 2017 the hospital launched a £35,000 appeal – called the George the Giraffe Appeal - to improve care for the 450 premature babies who need to use the SCBU each year.

The appeal has been spearheaded by the unit’s own staff members - senior administrator Sara Hales, practice development nurse Susan Chisela, and healthcare assistant Anne Underwood – supported by the trust’s fundraising officer Maxine Andrews.

Sara said: “The response to our appeal by the general public has been overwhelming.

“Families with connections to the unit – alongside a lot of local individuals, businesses, schools, and other charitable organisations – have all supported us.

“In only five months we had smashed the appeal target of £35,000 and – thanks to people’s amazing efforts - we have raised £47,600.

“We want to thank all of those individuals and groups who have given us such incredible support.”

Practice development nurse Susan Chisela contacted the company which makes the incubators and they have agreed that if they can raise £50,000 they can have two of them.

The appeal is called the George the Giraffe Appeal because it is named after the type of incubator the hospital needs.

The incubator has an extendable canopy which rises up (like a giraffe’s neck) enabling staff and parents to have more access to the babies.

Healthcare assistant Anne Underwood said: “These incubators have many different benefits for us because they create a warm and secure environment that can be adapted in many ways according to need.

“They can have their temperature, ventilation, oxygen level, and lighting adapted and they are large enough to enable mums and dads to have a cuddle with baby as well.

“We very much hope that local people will support the appeal as it reaches its final stages and help us further improve the facilities at KGH’s Special Care Baby Unit.

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported the Appeal so far for their outstanding efforts. “

To support the appeal contact KGH fundraising officer Maxine Andrews on 01536 491375 or email