Appeal over plans for more than 100 new houses in Wellingborough dismissed

A council's decision to refuse plans for more than 100 new houses has been upheld.

The appeal has been dismissed
The appeal has been dismissed

After an application by Hampton Brook Ltd to build up to 102 houses on land adjacent to 199, Northampton Road, Wellingborough, was turned down by Wellingborough Council, the developer chose to appeal.

It led to a planning inquiry, which took place earlier this year, and the inspector notified the council this week that its decision to refuse it would be upheld.

The inspector has written a report outlining her reasons for dismissing the appeal and as part of her conclusion said: “I have found that there would be conflict with the development plan as a whole and the proposal would cause considerable harm in terms of landscape, visual impact and green infrastructure.

“There would also be a negative effect on ecology and biodiversity.”

Speaking after the result, Wellingborough council leader Martin Griffiths said: “I am an extremely happy and proud council leader.

“I am happy that the inspector has concluded that our council was right to refuse this planning application and that Wellingborough is doing all it can to achieve its housing targets and proud of the hard work that our staff and elected members have put in to achieve this outcome.

“The inspector’s report mentioned housing supply figures in the borough of between 5.68 and 6.03 years.

“The importance of the towns ‘green corridor’ is highlighted on a number of occasions in the report and it is something that we cherish very highly and we will protect.

“Stanton Cross already has its open space and parkland set out along the river Ise and from ariel photographs the extent of the green open space around the whole town is clear.

“The inspector rightly concluded that the development would have a serious impact on the biodiversity of the open space at Wilby Way meadows.

“Our sustainable urban extensions both to the east and north of the town provide infrastructure such as roads, schools, doctor’s surgeries and jobs.

“This development would not have provided such improvements and indeed the section 106 contributions linked to the scheme were largely to mitigate against the effect the development would clearly have had on wildlife insects, birds and wild plants.

“Wellingborough will grow considerably by 2021 but that growth will be where we have planned it, we will ensure it is high quality growth offering a range of housing and facilities that will improve the lives of both new and existing residents of our borough.”