Appeal to buy special trike for Irthlingborough woman who lost the use of her legs

A crowdfunding page has been launched to help Roseina Dilley raise funds for a special trike which will allow her the freedom to explore the world again after she lost the use of her legs.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 6:00 am
Roseina Dilley of Irthlingborough
Roseina Dilley of Irthlingborough

Rosey, 27, from Irthlingborough was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis four years ago.

Her symptoms were minimal at first, just pins and needles in her hand and a slight shock sensation down her spine.

But her left knee started to become weaker and eventually she lost the ability to walk and now relies on a wheelchair.

Rosey said: “A lot changed in my life so quickly.

“All of a sudden, the normal everyday life wasn’t so normal anymore.

“I had to make the hard decision to buy a wheelchair.

“I was no longer able to stand and shower and do normal everyday activities.

“My life completely changed.”

She was determined to find a way to get on with her life unaided, and said: “After a while I started to deal with these emotions differently.

“I started to adapt the way I thought about things and dealt with them, anything can be adapted and achieved if you put your mind to it.

“This year I was given an opportunity to trial a mountain trike which I rented for nine days.

“I went to my first festival and it was the best time of my life.

“I was given a chance to fit in and feel part of something more so than ever in my life.

“It was something so special to me.

“It made me look at the bigger picture and the things that I am able to do.

“Being part of a festival in a wood would not have been possible without the mountain trike.

“It made me think of the other things in life that I can’t do in my normal wheelchair.

“I can’t go to the beach and even taking the dog for a walk can be a struggle on uneven terrain.

“I still go to work full time which I love doing, but at the end of each day I am so tired I don’t want to do anything.

“I am in constant pain which I take numerous tablets for.

“It never goes fully, I guess I have just learnt to deal and cope with it better.

“I take an injection three times a week which should help slow down the progression of the disease but nothing is promised.

“I was first diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS which after a short amount of time turned to Secondary Progressive MS.

“I feel like so much has been stolen from me, but I have so much to give and so many places I want to go and things to do.

“If having a mountain trike in my life helps me to fulfil it, then that’s what I will fight for and that’s why I have set up this GoFundMe appeal.

“I’m so grateful for everyone’s support.”

Rosey’s crowdfunding page has raised £1,200 of the £4,500 target so far.

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