Answers demanded over Corby Cube inquiry

Tory councillors have called on Corby Council’s ruling Labour group to release the names of all councillors questioned in the course of the Corby Cube inquiry.

At a private meeting of Corby Borough Council yesterday, the Conservatives repeatedly called for full and unedited transcripts of interviews given to the inquiry by councillors to be made public.

At the meeting which lasted two hours the Conservatives announced that they would put the matter before the Information Commissioner for a decision.

Leader of the Conservative Group, Cllr David Sims said: “For the Labour councillors who have been interviewed by the inquiry to have their identities hidden from the public and from their fellow councillors is a major blow for democracy. It is clearly in the public interest to know what role elected representatives played in the Cube debacle. The Labour leadership should stop cowering inside their bunker and face up to their responsibilities.”

The Conservative group’s spokesman for legal affairs, Cllr Rob McKellar said: “It is one thing to protect the identities of interviewees who are council employees or consultants, but to blank out the names of councillors who are elected to be accountable to the people is a disgrace. In local government the law of confidentiality is always counter-balanced against the wider public interest. When it comes to elected councillors the balance is massively in favour of releasing the names in the name of accountability, transparency and democratic process.”